Last night I dreamed I was a telephone.

Flash Fiction

Last night I dreamed I was a telephone. I could dial myself by opening my mouth and blinking my eyes. While I was lying there dialing myself, a bird swooped down and caught me up in his claws. We flew all over the city looking at the houses. Finally the bird got tired and dropped me in the park. A man came by and picked me up. He started poking me in the eyes and talking into my mouth. He asked for Frank, which is really weird since I have a pet mosquito named Frank.

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2 Responses to “Last night I dreamed I was a telephone.”

  1. I have a lot of strange dreams to. I’ve been told that it is strange for me to remember dreams since I am a man. Whether that is true or not I don’t know.
    Maybe Frank, has been loan sharking.

  2. Ha! A loan sharking mosquito. I like that.
    I had never heard that men don’t remember their dreams. I didn’t think there was a gender difference.