What’s in your wallet?

With economic indicators in a downward spiral, more artists are talking about money and the business of art than ever before. For many, an already precarious existence has become impossible. Since art is a luxury purchase for all art buyers, it is the first expenditure to be cut from every budget.

Through one source and another, I have been hearing about the closure of galleries in quite a few cities. From personal experience, I have been watching many of my artist friends taking jobs out of desperation. Some think that it is only temporary, and that the income tracks that they had previously used will re-open.

There are some great blogs out there that are looking at these issues. From the SELLOUT site -

SELLOUT is a dialogue about every practical aspect of being a visual artist–from saving money to resizing jpegs, and everything in between. It is more than a professional advice aggregator and hot-tip provider. We want any information we provide to be fleshed out as anecdote or called out as bullshit.

This looks like it will be a great resource. The comment trails are already filling up. Another blog that addresses the state of art in our culture, The Chronicle of Artistic Failure in America is -

as the title suggests, a look at how art is failing in this country—told from a number of different vantage points and examining various aspects of the phenomenon. Part journalism, part concentrated research, part memoir—it’s a series of blog-postings and articles that tell the tale of my own failure as an artist and what this failure has meant to me and to my life’s course. It is also a record of my odyssey to understand the struggles of myriad failing and failed artists across the communities of this country, as well as the failure of the entire structure that supports artists and arts viewing.

For another viewpoint on all matters practical, check into Art Biz Blog. Started in April 2007, this blog has very useful posts about marketing your work, self promotion, and all of the myriad art jobs that artists take to fill in the income gaps.

Not all of the information provided in these blogs apply to every artists. Success in the arts, like any profession, can be an individual path. But information is information.

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  1. It’s not Capital one.

  2. Hi Shea,
    Yeah, and it ain’t green either.