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So, another edition of drink & draw. Chuck was our model last night. Everybody seemed to get some good drawings from the last pose of the evening. I forgot my camera, so images are courtesy of Amy Kerlin. Thanks Amy!

Our upcoming schedule –

Tuesday Feb 19, 2008 – Christine Allen
Tuesday Mar 4, 2008 – Crystala Armagost
Tuesday Mar 18, 2008 – Lauren Toohey
Tuesday Apr 1, 2008
Tuesday Apr 15, 2008 – Gesture intensive with Richard Gartner
Tuesday Apr 29, 2008 – Roller Derby Queen, Me-Oww Kitty
Tuesday May 13, 2008 – The Fireman

door prizes!

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4 Responses to “Chuck @drink & draw”

  1. Chuck was fab. Sorry drawers, that my phone took some fuzzy pics! You deserve betta! Anyway, Sus, I sure could go for broiled pollack sandwich. How about you, hmm??? I think you should order one. I bet Christiane would concur. Omega 3′s, ya know.

  2. Are you talking about perogies? I love those! What are Omega 3’s?

  3. Essential fatty acids occuring in fish! I guess the fish is usually spelled “pollock,” but it can also be spelled “pollack.” You know, Pollack, like the artist Jackson Pollack. And that foundation, what is it, Pollack Kaiser roll? No, Pollack-Krasner. You Tauruses never get my jokes, do you? Those perogies looked really good.

  4. Oh, very funny, I get it now.
    Imagine someone blowing you a raspberry …