Wet Canvas

It’s been a long time since I have done any wet canvas posts. February was too cold in the studio to actually paint. I spent a lot of the time that I was there prepping various substrates.

I kinda lost March.

So, following are some samples from the studio.

Untitled – 12″ x 9″


Untitled – 9″ x 12″


Untitled – in progress 26″ x 20″


Untitled – in progress 18″ x 24″

Okay, on the two in progress works, the size is approximate. I will measure them the next time I am in the studio. These four pieces are the ones that I worked on today. The work seems to be extending over a longer period of time. I have five more works that are in progress that I didn’t even touch today. That’s just the paintings. I also have six drawings that are in progress as well as a couple other experiments. I have been working, quite a lot actually. Just a lot slower than usual.

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4 Responses to “Wet Canvas”

  1. I think I mentioned to you when seeing your Digging Pitt II exhibit that it reminded me of an Eastern language with ribbon-y characters. Still does. I think we then talked about secret languages for women, like this…

    Oh, I got it! The future show we talked about with boxes of balls shouldn’t be about bad valentines days, Sus, it should be “Brand Nu Shu: A Women’s Script” or of the like.

    whaddya think? I like it.

    “The passage roughly translates as… ‘They taught her to apply makeup and comb her hair; on her head she was wearing pearls that are shining magnificently; she is sitting like Guanyin (a Buddhist goddess) out of a Buddhist shrine’.”

  2. p.s. this really says it all, don’t it?
    “women shared their innermost feelings with female friends through a set of codes incomprehensible to men.”

    ok, going back to bed now. zzz.

  3. That is a magnificent idea, indeed. We will speak more about this, yes Amy?

  4. Oh, yes, we will speak more and make it happen. Cuz ya know, I think I got at least one appropriate piece for it. Just needs some tweaking, as you advised. Pick a day, any day. I do like October, I do. Fall is so nice. September is nice, too. I’ll trust you on the available space. Of course, there is that nice bldg across from Le Poire in Crafton. Which is the bedroom community of Lawrenceville.