Cumps Super Sub @ 4124 Main St, Pittsburgh, PA 15224 (412) 621-2228

Cumps – home of the best Italian hoagie I’ve ever had. and their pizza ain’t bad, either.

There are a lot of pizza places in Pittsburgh, but Cumps is one of my favorites. It’s really convenient to my studio, but so are three other pizza places. Nick, the owner, told me that Cumps is Italian for friend, but I think he is pulling my leg. Given his decor, I wouldn’t put it past him. He is kind of a wise guy. Anyway, I stopped by on Friday and happened to have my camera. He has all of these gangster mugshots all over the place –



Anyway, if you go in for the pizza or the Italian hoagie, make sure to check out Nick’s gallery. In case you are wondering, here is a link to Wikipedia’s definition of what a hoagie is. Really, they are quite delicious, regardless of the rather dry definition.

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2 Responses to “Cumps”

  1. If it is pronounced koum then it indeed means friend. I worked with a bunch of Italian Americans and they called each other that all the time as well as this old Polish American. I would have said pal or buddy but it’s all the same. The online translators wouldn’t do it so maybe it is a slang.

  2. Ha! Could be. Thanks, Lj. Gives me faith in the human race. I couldn’t find it listed, so I thought he was pulling my leg.