The day job(s)

So, what does your week look like?

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I spend in Polish Hill. I get to the office of the Polish Hill Civic Association at 9-9:15 and leave somewhere around 6-6:30pm. I love Polish Hill. Really nice bunch of people. Right now, our big project is the Art What You Got art festival. Along with all of the other projects and day to day operations.

Thursday evening I spend at the brillobox, doing data entry. I also spend a couple hours every Monday updating the brillobox MySpace page.

Wednesday and Friday I spend in my studio, weather permitting. That’s when I get to really paint. Most evenings, I work for an hour or two drawing and collaging.

One Sunday each month, I assist with the Barely Brunch drop in model session at the Brew House. I also send out the notices to the brunchers.

One or two Tuesdays each month, I coordinate the brillobox drink & draw drop in model sessions. I send out the notices to our email list, find and hire models and update the MySpace page.

I try to write at least two posts each week for oranje and Pittsburgh Art – Digging Pitt. I don’t always make that goal, I’m sorry to say.

So, what do I do in my spare time? Update my web site, research and write grants for a couple clients, try t get back to my poetry and short story writing whenever possible and spend time with my husband and birds. And there is always some project I am working on or an exhibit that I must go see or art that needs to be moved from venue to studio or studio to venue. Also in there is the day-to-day of laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and bookkeeping.

All of this came up after reading Edward Winkleman’s Tuesday’s Aside : Impact of the Day Job . It struck me that there was such a huge disparity between the New York City art scene and everywhere else.

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2 Responses to “The day job(s)”

  1. My week looks like lunch. Missing lunch, trying to grab lunch, having a poor excuse for a lunch, having meetings instead of lunch, and…can you tell I have food on the brain??

  2. Lunch? Oh yeah… that sounds good too!