Wet Canvas





Update – 7/27/08

Yesterday, I was talking to a friend and wanted to reference something on my blog. I pulled it up and was stunned by how dark these images are on a different computer. Honestly, the first image is not a blank and featureless expanse of darkness.

Looking for a solution. Willing to entertain any suggestions!

Update 7/28/08

As per Amy’s suggestion: if the images appear featureless in your browser, please adjust your monitor brightness level to see more detail.

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2 Responses to “Wet Canvas”

  1. Hey, Sus. Not sure what to suggest as a solution, except maybe that viewers might want to adjust their monitor brightness level to see more detail. Regardless, they are lovely. The better suggestion is for them to acquire one by purchase, no? And see for themselves. Are you doing a show in October, say Halloweenishly? Why not do another open Studio if your ‘mates concur? I will bring the fortune cookies this time….Amy

  2. Oh, absolutely, the best solution would be to purchase one!

    I am planning an open studio event. I need to coordinate that with my studio mate, but it will be sometime in early fall.

    I will update this post with your suggestion. Thank you, Amy.