Goodbye. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

In twenty-eight years of voting in presidential elections, I have to say, I have never looked forward with such eagerness to a change in administration. Nor have I ever followed the day-to-day doings of any public figure as I’ve followed the Obama’s. I have even, shockingly enough, pored over slideshows of what designers would dress the First Family Elect in for the Inauguration. So, it is with great pleasure that I read the following article on The American Prospect, by Paul Waldan –

This presidency is finally over. We can say goodbye to an administration whose misdeeds have piled so high that the size of the mountain no longer shocks us. In our lifetimes, we will see administrations of varying degrees of competence and integrity, some we’ll agree with and some we won’t. But we will probably never see another quite like the one now finally reaching its end, so mind-boggling a parade of incompetence and malice, dishonesty, and immorality. So at last — at long, long last — we can say goodbye. Read the entire article. (Really, it’s worth it)

And, if you are looking for a special Inauguration Day gift for yourself or one of your many like-minded friends, check out Goodnight Bush. The curtain can’t drop fast enough on this foul production for me. Although I fear that we will be seeing some of Monkey Man for an encore.

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3 Responses to “Goodbye. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”

  1. Susan
    I completely agree.
    I am wishing you and your family the very best this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Oh, you too Shea!
    Sorry for the late reply – wending my way through the inbox now…

  3. I’m an Obama fan too, stumped for him in the primaries. Hope he lives up to the promise.