.::kaff kaff::. Random Access .::kaff::.

Shakin’ the dust off this old blog.

I took off some blog links, added one or two.

A lot of my journal type-stuff is ending up on Facebook. Wanta be my friend?

I’ve been spending a LOT of time in Polish Hill.

Whatever time isn’t spent in Polish Hill is being spent at my studio. Lots of new paintings to show. Well, maybe not a LOT of new paintings. These take time. Really.

The studio still doesn’t have running water. I have to pay $2 to go to the bathroom.

I will be in a couple shows this fall. And one in January. And a solo in October 2010.

I’ve been watching Green Wing and Carnivale.

I’ve been listening to Johnny Cash and JC Rico.

Alix and Louis are both doing well, even though they are a bit loud right now.

Tom is doing well too. Especially since he was laid off a couple months ago. He is getting some color back. That awful place he was working at was just too hard on him.

I still love my house.

And my neighborhood.

But I am a little concerned about the G20 Summit. Aren’t you?

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2 Responses to “.::kaff kaff::. Random Access .::kaff::.”

  1. Where are you gonna have the solo show in 2010? Congratulations!!!

  2. Yeah, I’m pretty excited. It’s going to be at Image Box in Garfield.