August drink & draw with Noir


This was a pretty intense session. Noir did a moving series of poses. It’s great when the models you work with take chances with their poses. Incorporating acting into still poses is very difficult.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have fully-charged batteries for my camera. I had asked that folks send on images of their work. Jim Stewart sent on the following. Thanks Jim! –


Next up is Richard Gartner, on September28. Richard did a gesture intensive session for us last year. It was an incredible session. Here is a very short video. Be prepared to be challenged!

Drink and Draw…
is an open studio live model drawing session that meets last Tuesdays on the second floor of brillobox, located at 4104 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pa. This session is relaxed, surprising, and inspiring. amazing models dressed in various themes, old timey music, great company, and decor. All mediums, except oils, welcome.

Drink & Draw
… is sponsored by Artists& Craftsman Supply
Upstairs | 6:30 – 9:30PM | $10

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4104 penn ave

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2 Responses to “August drink & draw with Noir”

  1. I’ll send you mine once I get them scanned in!

  2. Thanks, Kris!